President Kagame has told the youth to stop wasting opportunities and taking things for granted if they ever want to take Rwanda higher.

He stated this while addressing 3,000 Rwandans from all districts gathered for the 6th Annual YouthConnekt Convention taking place at Petit Stade, Remera.

He said that the Youth should connect and learn from one another and to join their efforts to address their problems.

“As youth, you must be willing to constantly learn. You must have the humility to accept criticism as a means to become better,” he admonished.

On democracy and freedom, President Kagame advised the youth to uphold the two principles while maintaining their own values which will help them realize the principles.

“The right values must remain at the center of all that you do. Processes can change but our values remain the same,” he said.

President Kagame said that they must be willing to never stop learning and think critically.

“Being young is not enough but it is a great opportunity. Being young does not mean anything until you invest in yourself with what will be useful to you, your family and your country,” he said.

“You are as good as your peers from other countries. Do not take anything for granted. It is up to us to work to be where we want to be and claim Africa’s seat at the high table.”

Kagame rebuked those who want to give lessons to Rwandans, saying that they have to deal with their own problems first.

“Does what you accuse me of not exist in your country? Do you love me more than I love myself? Or do you care more about my fate than the fate of your own citizens?”

He urged Rwanda’s youth not to be at a standstill waiting to be helped to move forward.

“Any assistance must add to our own efforts. It must lead to ending dependency and achieving self reliance. It is a question of mindset, you must believe in your ability to help yourself. With the right mindset, you can recognize your need for help but set a timeline to build yourself up and help yourself,” he said

“When you look at international gatherings, ask yourselves why Africa, Rwanda are not considered worthy of being at the high table. It is your role as the youth to claim and work for Rwanda’s seat at the high table. ”

He urged the gathering to identify their and work hard to achieve them because “We are all created equal. You should never think that you are not good enough to be at the high table.

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