Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the opening of a new Israeli embassy in Rwanda while on a state visit to Nairobi, Kenya. The Israeli government recently made a deal with Rwanda to pay $5,000 for each African asylum seeker currently living in Israel that it would accept and absorb.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in Kenya for the inauguration of new president Uhuru Kenyatta, met Rwandan President Paul Kagame and notified him Israel will be opening a new embassy in the Rwandan capital of Kigali.

“We are opening a new embassy in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, as part of the expanding Israeli presence in Africa and the deepening of cooperation between Israel and African countries,” Netanyahu said.

Rwandan Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo said on last week that Rwanda is ready to accept around 10,000 asylum seekers who are now living in Israel.

According to the Interior Ministry, around 27,000 Eritrean nationals and 8,000 Sudanese nationals live in Israel. In August, the High Court of Justice ruled that they could be deported to a third country, but those who refused to go could not be jailed for more than two months.

The Express News


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