The Cabinet Meeting chaired by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Paul KAGAME, convened in Village URUGWIRO, on Wednesday, 4th October 201 7, approved the restructuring of the Education Sector Institutions (MINEDUC, REB, HEC, WDA, RP/Rwanda Polytechnic and PC/Polytechnic College ).

Actually the Government of Rwanda is presently involved in the process of developing Sector Strategies to implement EDPRS programs. As stated in the Country’s Vision 2020 one of the identified development pillars is the Human Resource Development (HRD).The importance of this Pillar lies in the empowerment of individuals through developing their skills. The results of independent evaluation of Poverty Reduction Strategy Program (PRSP) 1 revealed that capacity constraints especially those related to inadequate skills constitute a major impediment for the realization of PRSP 1 set targets. Using this learning experience, the Government is undertaking initiatives to address these challenges so as to make EDPRS a reality.

It is in this context that the Government decided to establish Workforce Development Authority (WDA) which is an institutional framework to provide a strategic response to the skills development challenges facing the country across all sectors of the economy. As the country embarks on developing sector development strategies under EDPRS, the issue of capacity which largely constrained implementation of the programs under PRSP 1 is among the most important priorities to be addressed. Skills development strategies in all sectors constitute an important ingredient in the respective sector development processes.

On the other hand to support in transforming higher education the Government has established the Higher Education Council as an independent Government Agency.

The Higher Education Council is responsible for ensuring the structure, organisation and functioning of higher education institutions and monitoring and evaluating the quality and standard of provision and ensuring the quality enhancement of teaching and research. It advises the Minister in charge of Higher Education on all matters relating to the accreditation of higher education institutions. One of the key responsibilities of the Higher Education Council is to act as a regulatory agency.

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