President Paul Kagame yesterday urged thousands of RPF supporters in Gisagara District to vote for him in the forthcoming presidential elections so he can continue to work with them to fast-track the country’s development process.

The RPF candidate’s last leg of Day Two of the presidential campaign was at the district’s headquarters yesterday afternoon where several thousands of supporters gathered to welcome him and pledge their support in the elections.

“My wish is that the president keeps providing us with security and also continues to guide us on the way we can develop ourselves and the country,” he said.

In Gisagara, voters are also pushing for the incumbent president to use his new mandate once elected to scale up efforts to connect more citizens to reliable electricity and water.

Raphael Havugimana, a 58-year-old father of two children, said that his choice in the forthcoming presidential elections is obvious because he credits Kagame with the ability to unify Rwandans and also relate with the vulnerable and poor.

“Paul Kagame is always in my heart. He is the best. He took Rwanda out of darkness by bringing us unity and reconciliation. In the past we used to live with divisions but today a Rwandan is a Rwandan, period.,” he said.

Havugimana also lauds Kagame for initiating pro-poor policies such as the government’s one-cow-per-family programme (girinka) and finding the poor decent homes in collective settlements locally called imidugudu.


Legend singer Maria Yohani on the stage in Gisagara. Faustin Niyigena

Over the past seven years, some 7,564 households in Gisagara district were given cows through the girinka programme and the ruling RPF-Inkotanyi would like to do more in this region once its candidate is back in the top office because social welfare is top on its campaign manifesto.

The party also wants to promote sustainable urbanisation, rural development, and housing for the improved wellbeing of Rwandans, all programmes that fit well with current concerns of Gisagara residents where Kagame concluded his journey on Day Two of the campaigns yesterday.


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