Rwanda’s Higher Education Council (HEC) says University of Rwanda should submit the proposed changes for review and decision.

This was announced in the letter written to University of Rwanda, requesting the university to draw attention to the Law NO 01/2017 of 31/01/2017 governing organization and functioning of Higher Education, specifically in its Article 20, regarding the opening, closure or relocation of a college, a school, a faculty or a research institute affiliated to a public, Government-subsidized or private institution of higher learning, and submit all changes to HEC in order to be reviewed and to take  appropriate decision on them.

HEC’s letter to UR

Latest reforms at the University of Rwanda that resulted in relocation of some schools and renaming of colleges is meant to reduce costs and bring about efficiency, officials have said.

The changes, which were announced on Monday on the public varsity’s website, include relocation of some schools from one campus to another, consolidation of some campuses and closure of some campuses, particularly those offering nursing courses.

The new changes saw the College of Business and Economics merged with the College of Arts and Social Sciences to create the College of Law, Economics and Governance.

Among the changes, Master’s programmes in Biodiversity and Conservation as well as of Food Science have been moved from the School of Science and Technology to the School of Agriculture.

The changes have also seen the reduction of nursing campuses from 14 to 10, resulting in the closure of Byumba, Kibungo, Kabgayi, and Nyamishaba campuses.


The Express News Rwanda



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