President Paul Kagame has said that there is need for members of the judiciary to continue participating in the country’s development process through efficiency in the delivery of justice. Kagame was speaking during the opening of the 2017/2018 Judicial Year that took place in Kigali on yesterday.

He said that the country is still treading the journey of development which requires everyone’s effort.

“You have a big role in ensuring peace, security and your protection of the people who need justice. Our uniqueness should be showcased in justice, and justice should emphasize our uniqueness” he said.

“In this continuous fight to develop and transformation of this nation, your role as the judiciary is essential,” Kagame said.

Kagame reminded lawyers, prosecutors and other justice practitioners to fight any act that undermines Rwanda’s reputation.

“Fighting corruption in our justice system should begin by holding leaders accountable, not just citizens. Justice is not just a symbolic ceremony or procedure, it is about efficient process and delivering a fair outcome” he said.

The Express News


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