It is now or never. The champion of the ongoing Golden Barista will be known in the next hours today bringing to a conclusion of the countrywide competition.

This Golden Barista Championship is an initiative that carefully focuses on promoting coffee culture in Kigali and rural areas, but also encouraging baristas to sharpen their skills.

Over 70 Baristas were drawn to this competition that began August 5th. The Judges are three in number.

The tight competition that combed through the country has so far retained only 20 finalists selected from competitive primary phases.

This competition organized by Rwanda Agriculture Export in collaboration with JICA’s project CUP Rwanda which also works towards strengthening coffee value chain through upgrading and promotion of coffee and Sustainable Growers.

Before the champion is selected later Friday, the 20 finalists are undergoing training by the 2011 World Barista Champion, Mr. Alejandro Mendez from El Salvador.

Organisers of this completion argue that despite growing coffee, many Rwandans don’t enjoy coffee.

The countrywide initiative seeks to groom skills of Baristas while promoting coffee culture with an aim of encouraging local coffee consumption and appreciation not only in Kigali but also in rural areas where it is grown.

The Express News


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