Last Friday Gisimba Memorial Centre (GMC) in partnership with Hope and Homes for children (HHC) hold closing ceremonies after 2 weeks of training offered to 200 former orphans and other children in different subjects such as crafts, traditional dance, story writing and other disciplines.

In his speech , Mr Damas Gisimba , the institution Manager of Gisimba Memorial Centre thanked Hope and Homes for Children for helping in reintegrating all the children in loving families and assisting the institution to transform its activities in what they now call after school program.

In their effort to support children in distress, GMC initiated a camp dubbed “I know I can” which is an annual activity with the main objective to help children raise their confidence and empower them to rise from their childhood and build their future.

Before closure, GMC was an orphanage located in Nyarugenge District with 126 children and young adults. Children were reintegrated in families with the assistance of Hope and Homes for Children a British charity organisation that advocates for those who are orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable by enabling them to grow up within the love of a family and the security of a home, thus allow them fulfil their potential.

Currently the institution is transforming its activities mainly in what they call afterschool program.
Speaking to parents who attended the closing ceremony, Ms Christelle Bwiza, a psychologist in HHC said: “This place is a great place for kids to come and learn a lot of important things but it will not take the responsibility of you as parents, we want you to be the number one responsible for you children”
“I know I can” camp is a yearly program with the purpose of giving vulnerable children an opportunity to learn, discover, create and thereafter, produce from their knowledge and skills.

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