Recently on social media, mixed views in form of speculations have been raised by Rwandans questioning whether Ingabire Victoire’s mother, Therese Dusabe played a role in the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994 in former Butamwa Commune, now Mageragere Sector in Nyarugenge District.

Many of you may wait for an answer as Yes or No, but our reporter dedicated enough time for a detailed and comprehensive investigation to unearth the basis of such speculations.
The Express News reporter in one week, tried to collect sufficient information that will respond to the queries raised by many Rwandans and firstly let’s give you an insight of what Ingabire said on the Microphone of Umubavu TV, denying that her mother did not commit Genocide against the Tutsi.

“I do not speak a lot about my mother’s case as it is still in the investigation process, they tried to forge it; and it would be a way of giving them a way to forge it more, it is a funny case as the one of my father. During my court case in 2010, a prosecutor brought in another case of my mother claiming that she played a role in killing GATENERI Gerard who was a headmaster of a primary school in Butamwa and he taught me.

In 2013, another case was sent in Netherlands claiming that there is another person killed by my mother at the health center. My mother was a director of former Butamwa Health Center, but, for sure there is no single death that happened in the said location, it did not happen and those saying it tell lies,” Ingabire noted.

From this background, our reporter was curious to know if this is True or False. He did not hesitate to take 10 Kilometers to the former Butamwa Commune, now Mageragere Sector of Nyarugenge District to gather material evidence from testimonies on the ground.

Jean Bosco Murangwa, a Genocide survivor from Mageragere Sector explained the history of pre-genocide error in the area, noting that the Tutsi were harassed and killed being called ‘Ibyitso’.
“As the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi escalated in 1994, many Tutsi were killed in Mageragere Sector,” Murangwa said.

The role of Dusabe Therese in the Genocide atrocities in Butamwa

“I know Dusabe Therese, she was a medical in Charge of Butamwa Health Center, they were my neighbours, she was a tall middle aged woman, the mother of the self-proclaimed politician – Victoire Ingabire and we were like her children since we had grown up in her presence. Just like other neighbors, we thought that our parents were friends with her.
Surprisingly, she killed our relatives. She is among the people who participated in the meetings where the Tutsi were put on the lists to be killed. She is among the literate people who trained Interahamwe armed killers.

Jean Bosco Murangwa, a Genocide survivor from Butamwa / Mageragere (Photo|| The Express News)

Therese Dusabe, Muhizina and Barasita who was ‘Bourgumestre’ and president of Interahamwe, Setiba Joseph who was in charge of discipline in the Interahamwe Committee in Kigali city, Sitani, Gahutu, Sekamana all used to be in touch with Therese Dusabe and they all participated actively in killing the Tutsi in Butamwa,” he added.
“Sekamana’s case was judged by Gacaca Court but the proceedings were interrupted when he went on record saying that he will never enter into courts when President Paul Kagame is still the leader of Rwanda.

Both Sekamana and Therese Dusabe were sentenced to (Special) Life Imprisonment by Gacaca Courts. Therese Dusabe denied to give medical assistance to an old lady who had been injured by Interahamwe but used her powers to chase her away from the health facility, saying “‘Nimujyane uwo Mututsikazi ajye kugwa ahandi”: literally meaning that “Take away this female Tutsi, and let her die from elsewhere!” interahamwe was killed her immediately

“Another man who was killed under Therese Dusabe’s orders is Gateneri Gerard who was the headmaster of a primary school in Butamwa. He fled to Therese Dusabe’s hospital but she called Interahamwe to kill him immediately. She is an old woman who played a huge role in the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi, if she were a wise medical professional, she would not participate in these massacres; but she jointly worked with Interahamwe and they killed many Tutsi here. Dusabe Therese was one of literate people who encouraged and trained youth to Kill Tutsi and I can’t doubt to say she is a serious murderer and she really killed Tutsi.” Murangwa narrated.

According to Ildephonse Kabanda, another Genocide survivor who spoke to The Express News and shared his testimony, he said that Therese Dusabe was sent by the then government of Habyarimana to study the area, know all the Tutsi there, train and encourage youth to kill Tutsi in Butamwa commune.

“Since the establishment of CDR and Interahamwe militia, Therese Dusabe used to work closely with them and they put down a list of Tutsi who should be killed starting from literate ones.

Ildephonse Kabanda a Genocide survivor from Butamwa , Before Genocide was 25 years old in 1994 and he was a teacher at Butamwa Primary School (Photo|| By The Express News )

Therese Dusabe was among people who monitored the updates of that list. She was also among people who adequately trained youth to kill Tutsi, I followed this day per day as I was among Tutsi to be killed.” Kabanda said.

Therese Dusabe claimed lives of many Tutsi in Butamwa

“Under Therese Dusabe’s joint activity, they killed Kalisa, my father Canisio Kambanda whom they were in one religious congregation called ‘Saint Vincet De Paul’, my mother Mwemanane Verena, my brother Mukanyana Florence , Uwizeye Marie Josee, Karangwa Philbert and Kayiranga Prosper, the wife of my uncle Karinganire Dismas and their three children, Karengera Desire and his two children, they killed Kamanzi, Binenwa Bartazar and many Tutsi who were living here,” he added.

Therese Dusabe was a Medic Inspector there at Butamwa health center photo|| courtesy

“We are deeply saddened when we hear such lies, many of the Genocide perpetrators including Ingabire Victoire deny their role in genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi. Ingabire Victoire cannot accept it when her mother also denies, you cannot accuse Ingabire Victoire of the role in Genocide but she is the first one to have and spread Genocide Ideology, Ingabire should let her mother deal with her case as a killer and remain with her side as Genocide Ideologist,” said Murangwa.

The List of 17 people accused of Genocide crimes and judged by Butamwa’s Gacaca Courts including Therese Dusabe.

Need for justice for Genocide Survivors in Butamwa

“I take this opportunity to request foreign countries to bring back Therese Dusabe as a Genocide Perpetrator in Rwanda for justice procedures. We want foreign countries that still host Rwandans who played a role in genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi to first listen and understand what Genocide survivors say before letting them spread the Genocide ideology and giving them space in the media.” Murangwa said.

“A good advice I can give to Therese Dusabe is to come back to Rwanda and give explanations about anything she is accused of, without the use of extra forces.”
Kabanda said, adding that Genocide Survivors are ready to forgive whoever will accept his/her role in the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

Where is Therese Dusabe today?

On February 19th, 2009, Therese Dusabe was sentenced to a special Life Imprisonment by Butamwa Gacaca Courts. She is currently living in Netherlands where she fled to after the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi and she is pushing ahead her activities denying the Genocide against the Tutsi.

While Therese Dusabe is continuing to spread Genocide Ideology in Netherlands, her daughter Victoire Ingabire is also tirelessly spreading this in Rwanda after being released from jail over her crimes by His Excellency President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame on September 14th, 2018.

Arrested in 2010, Ingabire was convicted for inciting the masses to revolt against the government, forming armed groups to destabilise the country, and minimising the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Ingabire was convicted on evidence, including some furnished to Rwandan judicial authorities by the Dutch government, attesting to the fact that she was fundraising for FDLR, a terror group linked to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. She had for many years lived in The Netherlands, where she had been naturalised a citizen.

Ingabire through some local media platforms, is spreading more denying words towards Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi, affirming that her mother is Innocent and did not play any role in the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

VIDEO: Did Ingabire Victoire’s Mother play a role in Genocide against the Tutsi in Butamwa?

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