This mother who lives in Kabarore sector, Gatsibo district in the Eastern Province was recently surprised by another mother from the United States of America, Alice Cyusa, a Rwandan Diaspora member, who was impressed by Sylvia’s act of love and decided to invite fellow Diaspora Mothers to join hands and raise funds to support Uwihagurukiye’s family restart a small income generating project, she owned and was running before COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was surprised to get a call from Alice, a Rwandan Mother from America who promised me support. This gave me a hope to raise my adopted child. She first sent me her support and later mobilized further amounts from her fellow Diaspora members and friends in Diaspora.They compared my parental assignments with my monthly salary which is Rwf40,000 and realized that I deserve financial support to raise all my children.” She says.
She called the little son the similar name as hers ‘ Sylvan ’

“Before I picked the baby from the bush near the valley, others were afraid, after I picked him, he was 2 months old, I gave him the name of ISHIMWE GANZA Sylvan , and I am also called Sylvia. This name is to attract his love and I wanted to welcome him in the family of other children of mine,” she said.
Uwihagurukiye owes her appreciation and recognition message to the women in the Diaspora to have this heart of love.

Sylvia Uwihagurukiye

“They kept on sending me money and I managed to improve the livelihoods of my son Sylva. When I picked him, I tried to nourish him with cow milk but he did not like it, health professionals advised me to feed him with ‘France Lee’, another kind of milk sold in pharmacies and he liked it. It costs RWF 9,000. At the beginning, he could finish it in 10 days, as he grew up, he managed to drink it in 7 days, now 4 days and I believe in the coming days he will drink it in only 3 days. He is a healthy son.” She says.

This mother advises Rwandan mothers to have a human heart as God blesses them through good actions. “Nobody knows who he/she will be tomorrow. Mothers and parents in general should always be characterized by love. I also encourage those who can choose to reject babies because of lack of financial capacity to raise them to seek support from community health workers. They can advise them on Family Planning methods instead of endangering innocents’ lives.” Uwihagurukiye warns.

Message from Rwandan women in Diaspora

“We thank Sylvia for her exemplary act of courage and love. It’s not easy to raise a child. We have raised some funds for her and we hope it will be a good investment for her family and hopefully will help generate additional income. They have three children; plus the baby boy they have just adopted.”

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