FPR’s MPs manifestos cover speeding economic growth and development garnered by the private sector and knowledge on the natural resource.

On the social welfare MP’s promises improving citizen’s livelihood rooted in peaceful families, quality medical facilities and education.

While in the good governance and justice efficient services are going to be implemented in order to reach sustainable development.

For all that to be achieved FPR Inkotanyi seeks the participation of all members of the parliament.

François Ngarambe, the Secretary General of RPF-Inkotanyi, the electorate should vote for the governing party to facilitate the enactment of legal frameworks that will help the Government to put in place instruments of faster transformation.

He called on the electorate to vote for the party for continued transformation and self-reliance.

“We have joined forces with different political organisations in a bid to work together for the desired transformation,” Ngarambe said.

RPF-Inkotanyi and the six allied political parties paraded 80 candidates before thousands of voters who had convened at Rutongo grounds, in Northern Province.

“To be where we need to be and continue on the path of transformation, we need legal frameworks that will be able to facilitate our transformation journey. That can only be done by voting RPF,” Ngarambe said.

Parties, Independent candidate’s campaigns for parliament
All political parties contesting for parliamentary seats in the elections have started campaigns

The elections are scheduled from 2-4 September.

NEC has approved 521 candidates out of the 539 who had shown interest, both from political parties and independents.

The RPF campaigns had already started campaigns in Rulindo in Masoro Sector on monday for securing more seats in parliament.

In the campaigns, RPF will work with six other political parties; PDI, PDC, UDPR, PPC, PSP and PSR whose candidates are on the same list as that presented to the electoral commission.

Over 7 million are expected to cast their votes in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, according to NEC.

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