FERWACY announces state of its activities to Rwandans and fans
Rwanda Cycling Federation (FERWACY) has on this November 5, 2019 announced current working framework and activities to explain what have been published in Taarifa online news.

They announce that Cycling game is at a good level since 2006 under the support of the Government of Rwanda, Team Rwanda Project, Jonathan Boyer, FERWACY Coach who contributed to the current achievements, FERWACY team members, Boys and Girls who participated in the game, various partners and Rwandans in general.

A press release by FERWACY says that the article published at Taarifa on November 4, 2019 has some bias as the medium did not give a time for FERWACY to explain their side about the management of the Federation.

FERWACY Officials say that the federation is an association of games and it has members who are governed following the laws in place.
The procurement and biding is among the problems the medium reported about, saying that FERWACY has no transparency in procurement processes. FERWACY says that all available markets are given following the laws in place and basing on needed quality and prices of goods.
“special markets are given following special activities and after being discussed with concerned FERWACY entities.

Tarrifa also reported in the same article, the problem of sexual violence, which puts FERWACY on giving true information on that.
“It is not a big concern for FERWACY because a root cause of this is the coach of Eagles who was living in Gicumbi and is being handled by security officials. The incident happened in 2016.

FERWACY explains that there is no case in regard with sexual violence that is being followed by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) as the perpetrator has gone.

It was also highlighted in the taarifa article that FEARWACY has a loan of $10,000 which they used to train Adrien Niyonshuti when he was ready to participate in the 2012 Olympic games, which is a new information and a rumor for FERWACY.

Oh his side, Niyonshuti Adrien was angry to hear from this information written about him , noting that they can even take this case to courts.
FERWACY also noted that they will continue to host world champions on cycling competition in Africa until 2025.

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