Esther Uwamahoro is a 19-year old student at Saint-Patrick. Her journey of philanthropy begun in 2018 from then he started to help the unprivileged kids on the streets.

While still primary level she felt a heart of sharing with the little that she had with others. She was inspired by the godly beliefs and morals of helping the needy. Uwamahoro is a staunch Christian with the godly upbringing.

“I had the heart of helping others from childhood helping people was my call and to achieve this I started by opening a what sup group and I did postcard inviting people to fundraise for the help the street children,” Uwamahoro pointed.

Driven by love and passion to make difference in the lives of vulnerable children, she decided to found the ELM a non-profit organization aimed at the empowering life mission with objectives to reach out to the vulnerable children on the street to restore their hope through Christ.

Her organization serves as a support to children in regaining their faith self-confidence, passion and the will to regularly take them out of the street to school.

ELM foundation has over 200 beneficiaries who have access to personal development on the needs of the child, through trust and close relationship, the children can develop their social and mental skills.

Esther works with a team of 46 staffs that helps her to run the organization. Among the two of them are top leaders including her. Most of them were the street children with no parents and homeless.

“We help the street kids and we converse with them why they are on the street. Then we talk to them to go back to their homes. And then we approach their parents as the reasons why their kids have left their home and give them school materials where necessary,” Uwamahoro said.

Source of funding

Primarily her source of funding comes from within the organization “We have a source of funding from the internally as every youth member has to contribute to the 5000 Rwf per month and 500 for students,” he said.

Future Plans

She is looking forward to limiting the number of street children on the roads and continue helping them to change their mindset for those who take drugs.

“We are planning to gather street kids and help them to study and drop-outs and learn the TVET so that they can manage to help others,”

Esther Uwamahoro is 19 years old student at Saint Patrick

She has been organizing charity events and Christmas for kids providing free materials like soaps and foods to children but now Uwamahoro is aimed at including even the adults to her philanthropic mission. Our organization is docketing also see how we can include the old people who have no financial and family back-up to cater to their needs.

ELM also looks to come down to the grass-root level and work for hand in hand with the local levels to trace the where-about of the beneficiaries either in Kigali or in the city outskirts.

“Non-government organizations are also our target of co-operation since we are serving the same services,”

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