A Congolese Military court has ruled that the killing of six civilians on Sunday bears the tentacles of the notorious Ugandan Allied Democratic Front rebels (ADF) outfit.

However, earlier these killings had been blamed on the uncontrolled members of Congolese military FARDC.

Results from an investigation conducted by the auditor of the operational military court of North Kivu notes that killing of 6 civilians which occurred Sunday, September 22 at Tenambo district, in the rural district of Oicha in Beni is the work of the ADF.

“Based on the mode of operation and the destination of the attackers, I can already say that the killing of the 6 civilians in Tenambo is the work of the ADF,” said the FARDC General Counsel at the operational military court of North Kivu Colonel Kumbu Ngoma.

He explains that the attackers ransacked house after house and in the first plot they killed two women.

And 80 meters away, he said, a second house was ransacked; where a man was killed. In the fourth, 20 meters below, the assailants stole chickens, slaughtered them, leaving their heads on the spot, before taking away the rest of the poultry.

After the attack, the rebels proceeded to the Bilimani Hills, a bastion of the ADF.

According to Colonel Kumbu Ngoma, the rumor involving FADRC elements in this incident is related to the fact that the cell phone of one of the victims killed by these rebels was found on one of the soldiers of the team who came to chase these assailants.

The Express News


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