The US President Donald Trump may have not stepped on African soil since taking over the biggest job in his country, but he is the beneficiary of money stolen from one of Africa’s poor countries- the Congo Republic.

One of the children of the President of Congo is accused siphoning state funds meant for public but personally using it to buy an apartment in Trump Tower belonging to current US President Donald Trump.

Details from Congo show that Pressure is piling President of Congo Denis Sassou-Nguesso to influence the country’s parliament to lift immunity enjoyed by his son and daughter both serving as members of Parliament.

Reports from Brazaville the capital of Congo Republic indicate that a dozen of civil society groups are demanding for a detailed inquiry into the blatant theft of almost $100million from the national treasury.

The demands were made on Saturday by Trésor Nzila the leader of the civil society organization platform- the Congolese Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH).

OCDH on Saturday pressed the government to investigate Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso and Claudia Sassou-Nguesso, sons and daughters of the Congolese President and both deputies.

According to OCDH, Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso, 44 the younger son of Congolese President is accused of diverting more than 50 million dollars of public funds into personal use.

Meanwhile, the same group also accuses Claudia Sassou-Nguesso aged 47, to have received nearly $ 20 million of apparently diverted public funds used to purchase a luxury apartment in the United States. Trump Hotel & Tower in New York.

For Claudia Sassou-Nguesso, her allegations also appeared in the Global Witness survey published in April.

But How did this Money Leave Congo?

According to a private investigation conducted by Global Witness, it was found out that in order to hide the tainted public money and freely spend it, the President’s children set up a complex network across Europe.

Step I :

Picked a Portuguese businessman to act as a nominee (a ‘frontman’);

Step II:

Moved $70 million of Congolese public funds through a network of at least 10 shell companies set up in Cyprus, Estonia and Spain;

Step III:

Spent the money in Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom, according to a police report.

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