Rwanda National Police  has brought by force  Diane Rwigara, her sister Anne Rwigara and their mother Adeline Rwigara to CID for questioning, after refusing to respond to three summons as stated by the law.

According to the trustful information,ten policemen have gone to  Rwigara’s home  located in Kiyovu ,but when they have tried to knock the  gate’s door no one was there to open.

Policemen decide to climb up the fence, and find Diane Rwigara and her family sitting in their house , immediately they have been   shown  a warranty  and arrested.

RNP has applied the warrant against Adeline Rwigara, Diane Rwigara & Anne Rwigara as stipulated in article 48 of the criminal procedural law.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Rwanda National Police confirmed that was conducting investigations on Diane Rwigara and her family aimed at gathering evidence in tax evasion and forgery.

The family was supposed to be reported to the police this morning but they didn’t, a major factor to be arrested.

The Express News Rwanda


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