Earlier on this week, 50 members of Community Development Network (CDN) in Rulindo from District to Village level discussed their roles and responsibilities in protecting children including those with disabilities. Initiated by Hope and Homes for Children (HHC), the Community Development Network is now active in almost every district of Rwanda.

Participants identified some of the issues facing children in Rulindo such as a considerable number of street children from nearby districts, conflicts that lead to family break up and untrained foster carers (malayika mulinzi) among others.
Also discussed were priorities of the district such as direct support to families of children with Disabilities and other vulnerable families in first and second level of Ubudehe, identify, assess and train foster careers and community volunteers to support in prevention program.
“We are committed to maintaining the child protection Network as the framework which will facilitate us to share information and find better solutions to child protection challenges in our district” said Marie Claire Gasanganwa the Vice Mayor in charge of Social affairs, Rulindo district. She call upon all CDN members to work hand in hand with Hope and Homes for Children to improve the lives of abandoned children in Rulindo.
Mr Emery Nduwimana, a coordinator from HHC requested CDN members to work to solve all children’s issues, because, he said: “they are the future of the country”. Eugenie Mukamukesha also participated. She thanked HHC for their initiative to ensure the wellbeing of Rulindo children.
A committee made up of HHC Staff, Labor inspector, a staff member from the National Children Commission (NCC) and the Director of Good governance in Rulindo were selected to design a format to screen all vulnerable children in all sectors and specific problems as well as draft a support plan mentioning the referral and service providers.
Ngoma was selected as a sector with many Children with disabilities and those families will benefit from a direct support from Hope and Homes for Children. Ntarabana, Cyungo and Ngoma sectors were selected by participants to benefit from nutrition and Income Generating Activities (IGA) schemes that will also be supported by HHC

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