Charles Bagarirayose, one of prominent customer care activists in Rwanda has summoned the hotel across the country to always promote good service delivery in a bid to push forward the hospitality sector.

Bagirayose made the call during an exclusive interview with Rwanda Television on service delivery in hotels as one of places which accommodate many guests with different backgrounds.

“Among the customers that a hotel accommodates you can’t find one who showcases different problems he has encountered in your services as well the one who appreciates your services,” notified Bagarirayose

He however advised hotel managers and owners to put at forefront quality services as the main hint to win more customers.

“Quality service actually starts with an employee who welcomes guests at the first point,” He said, adding that “Quality hotel materials as well as hygiene within hotel facilities make a customer appreciating services at your hotel,”

Bagarirayose also reminded hotels to invest more efforts in preparing the recruits before they are assigned in new responsibilities – He emphasized that this should be done through an induction period that a hotel may set according to its schedule.

“A new employee at a hotel must be guided before starting the new job for a recruit to become familiar with the new system that the current employer uses,” He said.

As per Bagarirayose, hotels should always consider their customers’ feedback for future plans.

He revealed that hospitality sector provides with its actors different perspectives on how people react about Rwanda stressing that this was among other reasons that pushed him to enter the career since the last two years.

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Charles Bagarirayose on exclusive interview with Rwanda Television

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