Rwanda Bean Coffee Company is a new Rwandan owned business opened to serve the Rwandan in diaspora.

A new coffee shop has been opened in the territories of United States of America, as a business ready to serve the population. Rwanda Bean Coffee Company will begin its services in South Portland, U.S. The coffee shop will provide give the settlers a chance to taste one of the high end quality coffee from Africa, and increase the reach of Rwandan firms in the country.
The Rwandan owned new business in the city has three types of coffee served which are blond roast, medium roast and dark roast going for $16 each. Coffee production is an integral commodity in Rwanda, that has helped the Government rake in millions of revenues from its exports. Their presence in the international market has been recognized over the years, producing one of the best coffee qualities in the market.
Rwanda Bean Coffee Company acknowledges the wealth of coffee production in Rwanda and the determination by the Rwanda farmers to produce quality coffee beans for export. However, the farmers have experienced challenges that has limited their economical status. The business is not only aimed at making profits in the U.S but help farmers be experts in their cultivation to reap much more benefits from their economic activity.
Rwanda has a conducive business environment that has attracted investors from far and wide, and their prowess has seen businesses grow and expand beyond borders. Under the leadership of President Paul Kagame, the business sector has progressed gained strength to be more competitive regionally.
Possessing the largest Rwandan diaspora in the U.S, the State of Maine has made it possible for the business to open its operations. More entrepreneurs can be encouraged to view such markets as potential investment hubs for their businesses.
This is a good gesture that U.S can partner with Rwanda to achieve mutual benefits in their cooperation. Such trade relationships open business opportunities to be tapped and grow individual economies.

By John Green

The Express News


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