The Akilah Institute offers a unique model of education that prepares students to launch successful careers in the fastest growing sectors of the economy. All students receive intensive leadership training, career development services, and community service opportunities.

Leadership training is a key part of the Akilah experience. All students must complete 512 hours of leadership instruction. Students develop a growth mindset and critical thinking skills, while mastering public speaking, goal setting, and teamwork.

Akilah students and alumnae share a commitment to community service. Students make meaningful contributions to their families, communities, and countries. Each student must complete over 80 hours of community service and a Social Change Project to graduate.

Akilah’s Career Development Office helps students identify their career goals and promising job opportunities. The office works closely with the private sector and other organizations to place students in internships and jobs in Rwanda, East Africa, the U.S., and Europe.

Akilah’s blended learning curriculum combines in-class lessons and lectures with online exercises. This gives students the flexibility to control the pace of their learning. Online learning also frees up valuable classroom time for group discussions and projects.


Competency-based education (CBE) is a new model in education that uses learning, not time, as the metric of student success. In a CBE model, students receive proactive guidance and support from faculty and staff and earn degrees, diplomas, or other credentials by proving mastery of specific competencies instead of just completing credit hours. CBE is particularly effective for preparing graduates for the workforce because it focuses on what students know and can do.
The Akilah Institute developed its CBE curricula in collaboration with regional employers and tests for mastery of predefined skill sets and concepts. This ensures that students graduate with marketable expertise. The Akilah Institute’s CBE curricula is delivered in a “blended” learning format that combines online and offline learning to maximize student and faculty time in the classroom.


The Akilah Institute does not currently accept transfer students from other universities; however, students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree may apply to study at Akilah. Acceptance to the Akilah Institute cannot be deferred to the following year.


The Akilah Institute’s academic programs are female only. Akilah’s all-female student body creates an atmosphere where women can comfortably assert themselves and assume leadership positions. Students gain confidence leading others in a safe environment so that they can smoothly transition to leadership roles in society.


The Bridge Program is a seven-week orientation program beginning in July that provides an introduction to the Akilah Institute’s high academic expectations. During this program, students will meet their instructors and mentors and begin to set academic goals for their future education and career. The program is designed to introduce and develop skills in English, mathematics, and information technology. The Bridge Program is mandatory for all incoming students.


Akilah offers a loan program, Savannah Student Finance, for students who demonstrate need. Students can defer up to 70% of tuition each academic year. Students who are deemed eligible will be offered acceptance into the student loan program and must formally accept this offer prior to the agreement deadline. Tuition for the Bridge Program + first year of attendance is 815,000 Rwf, not including the commitment fee. Tuition for the second year of attendance is 680,000 Rwf.
Students in the program pay quarterly service fees and are expected to repay the full amount of the loan after they graduate. The repayment period ranges from 30 to 42 months and includes a six-month grace period for eligible applicants. All students (Day Program and Evening & Weekend Program) are eligible to apply for the student loan program.

*If a graduate is not able to repay immediately after graduation, she may be offered a six-month grace period before beginning repayments. Akilah also offers a hardship option for students in special circumstances

Akilah’s career platform,, provides students and alumnae with critical career development skills to simplify the internship- and job-search process. provides individualized job recommendations and training. Through the platform, Akilah students and alumnae can access educational content; a 10-week, self-paced job search training course; assessments; quizzes; and an interactive portal to apply for career opportunities across East Africa. Members also work with a Talent Advocate to draft and finalize application materials and prepare for job interviews.

Throughout the two-year program, students develop skills to successfully navigate the workforce. Career readiness training is incorporated in all parts of the curriculum. By the end of the program, students know how to articulate their career goals and skills, pursue new career opportunities, self advocate, build professional networks, and more.

Graduates have started their careers with companies like African Entrepreneur Collective, Inkomoko, One Acre Fund, Impact Hub, Marriott International, RadissonBlu, Ison BPO, Garr Hotel, Primate Safaris, DHL, Kate Spade, Kenya Commercial Bank, Bollore Logistics, Eco-Bank, VSO Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Offgrid Electric, Serena Hotel, Bourbon Coffee, Banque Populaire du Rwanda, East African Breweries, Hotel des Mille Collines, Inyange Industries, City Blue Hotels, and many more.

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