Africa youth has the potential to liberate her motherland from poverty by investing in the knowledge-based education for them to be able to impact their economies, generate income and turning it into an industrious continent.

This was observed at the Pan-African Movement event that attracted 2500 youth’s in Kigali.

The Dialogue of Mobilizing the youth to attend vocational education is being carried out nationwide and are steered by Pan-African movement in collaboration with the Imbuto Foundation, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of education and local authorities.

The mobilization targets the youth to attend the vocational studies particularly in the Primary level, Secondary and University level and to open up their mind about African problems and solutions.

Governor Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi, the Communications and Public Relations, Pan-African Movement, told the youth that economic development of the continent is possible and achievable.

“Our Africa should have a vision and the youth are the ones to inspire those dreams to come true. There are many that we can’t achieve, however, there is hope that the young generation will be able to be ministers, governors, military and policemen,” he said.

He added; “Africa is liberated in half, the fact that the continent is still poor is a sign that the continent has not reached full independence. We must have an independent Africa served on a high table with other giants of the world,”

Governor Gatabazi reminded the youth that Rwanda is putting more effort into building the Knowledge-based economy to meet the 2065 SDG goals.

As Rwanda is approaching 2020 vision, the country is looking forward in the renewed targets of the 2063 SDGs.

Gatabazi emphasized on the youth that they are the engine of the 2063 development goals, therefore, that they should strive for them to reach those targets. “Rwanda is building the knowledge-based economy and you, the youth should exploit that opportunities,” Gatabazi said.

Shyaka Mike Nyarwaya, the commissioner of the Pan-African Movement, while addressing the youth congregation also embarked on the importance of the youth attending vocational education.

“We encourage the Rwandan youth and African, in general, to turn to the vocational skills to be able to develop Rwanda and Africa in general,” he urged.

The Pan-African Movement Rwanda Chapter was introduced on 8th, August 2015 on the pioneer of some Rwandans and Africans to make the continent self-reliant.

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