An annual Christian conference ‘Africa arise and shine’ is back on its 20th edition accordingly to the Authentic word ministries, a foundation usually under Zion Temple.

The event will kick off on 4th -11 at Kicukiro stadium, Kigali.
“This event is unique compared to others that have ever hosted due that we invited global speakers but who have also Christ in them. They will talk to university students and lecturers. we need strong, foundational education based on the Christ,” Paul Gitwaza, Senior pastor, Zion Temple said.

“Guest speakers were invited to preach the students and they will find them at their universities. They will be preaching about on how to develop Africa by using Christian values,” he adds.
Guest speakers include technocrats from USA, inventors, Doctors and university Lecturers.
Locally, famous preachers like Antoine Rutayisire, Prof. Thomas Kigabo will also be present.
Other attendants will arrive in multitude by the end of this week from DRC, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Botswana, Uganda and Ghana.

The Express news


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