At the beginning of this week, officials from Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) held a meeting with members of Community Development Network (CDN)in Kamonyi district. They agreed to work together to protect all children from any kind of abuse by enhancing family based care.

The CDN at district level is made up of different district officials like the Vice Mayor in charge of Social affairs, Director of Good Governance, Director of health, social protections officer and all stakeholders in the field of child protection
Mr Munyakazi Epimaque, Director of good governance in Kamonyi district urged the participants to use the technical know-how offered by Hope and Homes for Children to ensure the well-being of all children in Kamonyi district.
Mr Celestin Mutuyimana, a programme coordinator in Hope and Homes for Children Rwanda said: “We will work with all stakeholders in the field of child protection to make sure all children enjoy the love of a family”
A part from discussing the role and responsibilities of CDN members, participants identified issues and threats facing the children in Kamonyi districts. Some of them noted the cases of school dropout, children who leave their families because of poverty and end up in streets and so on. One participant emphasized the need to build the resilience of families as a way of preventing the family breakup that often lead to child abandonment.

Rwanda is implementing the National strategy for childcare reform aiming at transforming the current Rwanda’s child care and protection system into family-based care. In this regards Hope and Homes for children worked with the National Commission for Children (NCC) to establish CDNs in many district with the aim of building a strong referral system and reporting mechanism for all issues regarding the children.

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