Kitabi Tea produced under Rwandan Mountain Tea from Nyamagabe district has scooped a record price during an auction at the EATTA in Mbobasa city, Kenya.

This brand of tasty tea, fetched a whopping $6.06 for its Black Broken Pekoe 1(BP1) according to details from the auction.

“Kitabi, one of the tea marks sold under Rwanda Mountain Tea at the EATTA in Mombasa scooped the unprecedented price of $6.06 for its best BP1 invoices,” the Rwandan based tea grower announced on Wednesday.

Experts who closely watch auction trends at the Mombasa platform explain that this is a record price never reached in the history of EATTA auction since it’s initiation in 1956.

The East Africa Tea Trade Association is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

From the calm and gentle hills of Kitabi Tea plantations workers carefully pick green tea leaves that have since become one of the best 5 tea marks in the world.

Kitabi Tea Company Ltd (KTC) is one of the tea companies that was yielded to Rwanda Mountain Tea limited (RMT) in 2009 under the privatization program which aim was to release shares in tea gardens to private investors and tea grower cooperatives in order to improve efficiency of the tea sector.

Facts About Kitabi Tea

Kitabi Tea Factory won the best overall black tea quality tea award at the 2nd East Africa Tea Convention and Exhibition that was held in Kigali in August 2013.

It also received a prize for best black CTC category Dust1 tea grade and best BP1 tea grade at this competition.

In 2015, Kitabi scooped the best BP1at the 6th North American Tea Cupping Event held in San Antonio, Texas.

Most recently in 2017 Kitabi won the best Dust 1 award at the 3rd East African Tea Convention and Exhibition held in Nairobi, and was awarded in September 2017 the Supplier of the Year 2017 prize from Taylors of Harrogate, one among the most consistent private buyers of Kitabi tea.

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