According to current statistics, 44% of most Young African Professionals of which include Young Rwandan Professionals tend to stay in the United States and Canada after completion of their studies. This incidence of no-return has been on the rise in the last 10 years with the result that more than one third of Africa’s highly qualified human resources are presently in the Diaspora.

United States Rwandan Community Abroad (USRCA) in collaboration with Indianapolis Rwandan Diaspora Network/Umubano have organized Rwanda Youth Professionals Conference which will be focusing on how Rwandan youth in diaspora can play a significant role in social economic development of Rwanda.
The conference, themed ‘The Role of Rwanda’s Young Professionals in Nation Building’ will be held on 25th May in the University of Indianapolis.

This year’s Rwanda Young Professionals Conference scheduled for May 25, 2019 at the University of Indianapolis is unique in the sense that it gives our Young Rwandan Professionals an opportunity to dialogue and develop sustainable strategies that will Impact their
input towards Rwanda’s Development Goals of 2050.

Chairperson of Rwandan Community Abroad in USA Professor Prof. John Yves Musiine

Chairperson of Rwandan Community Abroad in USA Prof. John Yves Musiine told The Express news , we have invited several American Companies that have interests on Rwanda as an investment destination and this event will create an opportunity for those companies to see at hand the talents of our young Rwandan Professionals who will be key to engage these companies to Invest in Rwanda. We want our young people to be Ambassadors of Investments into Rwanda and challenging them to show case Rwanda as an investment destination and gateway to the East African Market.

According to Mackenzie publication, there is currently 1% American Investment in Africa and this event will be a great opportunity for our Rwanda Young Professionals to start thinking on how they can present a viable case to their respective companies why Rwanda is the best destination for American Investments.

The Institution support by the Government of Rwanda in encouraging Rwanda Young Professionals has been a Priority to the Government of Rwanda and we want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the visionary leadership of President Paul Kagame that has made it possible for most of these Rwanda Young Professionals to achieve great Education in the United States and other parts of the world. It is therefore about time that these young Professionals think about giving back to the country through their skills and acting as Ambassadors of visit Rwanda as well as Investment opportunities.

We are delighted for this opportunity as USRCA and we plan to host this conference on an annual basis so that we can have measurable outcomes to build on year in and out,Chairperson Professor Yves Musiine added

The day-long conference will include discussions, presentations, reception and entertainment.
It is not the first time that Rwandan youth in diaspora organize such events; there have been other local and international events which brought Rwandan young diaspora together for discussions. The most notable occasion was Rwanda Youth Forum that was held in Dallas, 2015 and attended by President Paul Kagame.

In his remarks, the President Paul Kagame noted that “This momentum [of progressive development] is fueled by Rwanda’s indispensable value, agaciro, the dignity that comes from being responsible for ourselves, and proud of who we are.” He then tasked the attendees that “As children of Rwanda, you are the guardians of this legacy of agaciro. Let it be reflected every day in your thoughts, words, and above all, deeds.”

He concluded, “If you are here today [2015] it’s because your country remains close to your heart and you want to be part of this journey. I cannot choose for you how to make your contribution, but I trust you to make the right choice.” He said; encouraging the youth to use their resources in supporting their country.

The tendency to encourage Africa’s youth in diaspora to come back and use their mental capacity in building of their continent is expected to decrease financial loss and time wastage which Africa experiences while hiring foreign people. The conference’s outcomes are also hoped to be a reference to other African diasporas so that they can introduce their own versions of this conference to increase their support to their countries.

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