The ever more popular Ras Banamungu and The Det-n-ators International topped the bill at the recent RCA (Rwandans Community Abroad) celebrations; a time of Rwandans and their friends living in Western Australia coming joyfully together to wish each other a Happy New Year 2021 and to celebrate their past achievements in 2020.

Guests shared a traditional Kinyarwanda meal before being treated to  the vibrant music of artists Ras Banamungu and The Det-n-ators International.

Beginning the evening’s entertainment with his smash hit ‘Hakuna Matata’, Ras followed up with ‘I am Messenjah’, ‘Peace and Love’, ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Oneness’ and ‘Wantti Wantti’ to rapturous applause. After a break came his latest song, ‘Smiling Face of Australia’, before inviting the very talented Cedella onstage with him to perform the duet ‘I in Need of Thee’; finishing off a great set with the well-applauded ‘My Sunshine’, ‘Sakwe Sakwe’ and ‘Inka’. The room was left with the definitive ‘feelgood’ sensation that his concerts never fail to bring about.

Ras Banamungu has played a major role in putting his home country firmly on the international musical map and one could only consider him and the Det-n-ators an ideal act for these festivities. Himself also being an ever-growing force in the treatment of Australian mental health, the amiable Rastaman is ensuring that Rwanda has just as big a future on the world stage as does he.

Speaking prior to the entertainment, Manzi Claude, the leader of the RCA, praised the progress made after a year in office. He recalled that the organization has already done a great deal, including uniting Rwandans and establishing a youth forum that has begun to study the history and culture that characterizes Rwanda.

Manzi went on to say that a Women’s Forum has also been set up to promote Rwandan women living in Western Australia. The Rwandan Association of Perth is also planning to set up an old-age community this year to lift them out of isolation so that most of them will no longer be able to work. The process of teaching Kinyarwanda, the native tongue and culture of Rwanda, to Rwandan children will also be launched, helping to ensure their heritage is kept strong.

Manzi went on to urge parents to speak Kinyarwanda to their children at home instead of focusing only on foreign languages.

The event was an unmitigated success and a commitment to repeat it every year henceforth was agreed upon by all concerned.

By Freelance Reporter


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